Tambayoyi (20) da suke yawan fitowa Physics a jarabawar JAMB tare da amsa

Tambayoyi (20) da suke yawan fitowa Physics a Jarrabawar JAMB tare da amsa..

(1) Example of vector quantity:
velocity, acceleration, moment, displacement, force, electric field intensity, magnetic flux

(2) Examples of scalar quantity: Ans= work, time, mass, distance, energy, pressure, speed, temperature

(3) The resultant of two forces acting on an object is maximum if the angle between them is:
Ans= 0o

(4) The terrestrial telescope has one extra lens more than the astronomical telescope. The extra lens is for -erection of the image

(5) What is the angle of dip at the magnetic equator? Ans= 0o

(6) At resonance, the phase angle in an a.c. circuit is = 0o

(7) The process of energy production in the sun is = Nuclear fusion

(8) A transistor functions mainly as a = switch and amplifier

(9) Energy losses through eddy currents are reduced by using = insulated soft iron wires

(10) The effect of a particle in a fluid attaining its terminal velocity is that the = weight is equal to the retarding force

(11) Water is a poor thermometric liquid because it = wet glass

(12) To produce an enlarged and erect image with a concave mirror, the object must be positioned = between the principal focus and the pole

(13) The phenomenon that makes sound persist when its source has been removed is known as = reverberation

(14) The colours seen in soap bubbles are due to = dispersion

(15) The electromagnetic wave that can produce a heating effect on the environment is = infra-red

(16) Pure silicon can be converted to a p-type material by adding a controlled amount of = trivalent atoms

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(17) The particle that is responsible for nuclear fission in a nuclear reactor is = neutron

(18) The carbon-granule microphone works on the principle of change in = resistance

(19) The phenomenon whereby the water droplets in the atmosphere combine with dust particles in the air to reduce visibility is = fog

(20) In a semi-conductor junction diode, as the depletion or barrier layer is forward biased, the layer = narrows.

NB! ba muna nufin cewa wannan sune questions ɗin da zasu dawo ba Amma zamu ci gaba da kawo muku ɗaya bayan ɗaya na kowane subjects in Sha Allah.

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